With the fast approaching Super Bowl coming up, there’s a discrimination that needs to be addressed. Simply put, ladies watch the game. Let your boyfriend/husband enjoy the game, offer to help him provide food for guests and relax for the day. It’s a man’s holiday. Instead of being mad, jealous, or annoyed that he’s watching the game; take time to learn about his interest in the game. He does not care if you don’t know what two-point conversion is or whether you know a bad call. He will admire your attention to the game and appreciate you enjoying something he likes.

We all know men put up with a lot of nonsense when it comes to women. Women vent, complain, cry, gossip, and over all are busy people. It’s all over social media what a man is expected to do and put up with to be with a good woman, whether it’s listening to her complain about a coworker for weeks on end, being a test subject to a new makeup product, or needing tampons and such, men are willing to go to the ends of the earth for a woman they love.

Ladies, it’s your turn. Once this game is over, you can go back to forcing romcoms on sundays with your boyfriend/husband. But for now, give him the same extra that all women know they ask for. Cheer with him, grab him a beer, help him make snacks; or make them for him to avoid any rushed kitchen disasters, and support him no matter who wins the game. Now let’s watch some football!

Disclaimer; this is written by a woman.

Picture Source: NFL.com


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