We will state the obvious first. Kirk Cousins will not return to the Washington Redskins next season. The Redskins traded for, then re-signed Alex Smith and locked him up for the next four years. Smith’s contract is for $94 million, with $71 million guaranteed.

Kirk Cousins will officially hit the open market. There will be no shortage of interest in him. We can now take Washington out of the equation. Cousins has stated that he wants to go somewhere where he can make an impact and win.

This leads me to believe that the Cleveland Browns are also not going to get him. Although Cleveland is desperate for a franchise QB, it won’t be Cousins.

John Elway and the Denver Broncos have already given Cousins his praise. It seems like Denver would make the most sense given what Cousins wants as a player and what the possible suitor needs as a team.

It’s not secret that the Jacksonville Jaguars will be looking for a QB this offseason. I don’t think Cousins will be their guy given how high his asking price is going to be.

The Buffalo Bills have yet to show any interest in him, but I think they would make a good suitor. Tyrod Taylor is not going to make it much further than he did this past season. Fresh off a first round playoff exit this team could make a deep run with the right guy behind center.

Picture Source: BodyBuilding.com

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