This past weekend the New York Giants watched their top head coach candidate get snatched right from their hands as it seems Patriots DC Matt Patricia will be signing with the Detroit Lions. So what is next? After a meltdown season under Ben McAdoo, the Giants found themselves going 3-13 which led to the firing of McAdoo and GM Jerry Reese. Reese spent 23 years with the Giants, 11 of those years as the teams general manager.


                                                     image source: nypost

So let’s take a look at the Giants other potential candidates. Pat Shurmur, Vikings Offensive Coordinator, is the last of the Giants top 3 as reports of Josh Mcdaniels likely to be choosing Tennessee or Indianapolis. Shurmur would be a great fit and we saw what he is capable of in that walk off win against the Saints. The thing here is that the Giants would have to wait until the Vikings are eliminated before anything can be official and he is also the favorite to take over the Cardinals head coach spot as well. Another potential candidate surfaced recently as the Titans parted ways with Mike Mularky, though no talks between the two have been reported. If they wait to try and land Shurmur and miss out word is the Giants have a back up plan in Panthers DC Steve Wilks. This move makes sense as New GM Dave Gettleman and Wilks previously worked together in Carolina.

Steve Wilks

                                                    image source:

Will the Giants wait for Shurmur ? Or Go with the readily available Wilks? So much on the agenda as the offseason gets nearer.


Written by Wesley Roman

Just a sports fan who writes about sports since I can't play :)

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