10) Shane Vereen – New York Giants

2017 Stats: 16 Games, 45 ATT, 164 Yards, 44 Rec, 253 Yards

The former super bowl champion is set to hit the Free Agent market again. A great receiving back who can also run the ball with effectiveness. He will thrive in any pass first system. At 28 years old he has lost a lot of tread on his tires and isn’t as fast as he once was.

9) Jamaal Charles – Denver Broncos

2017 Stats: 14 Games, 69 ATT, 293 Yards, 1 TD, 23 Rec, 129 Yards

Although Denver never really figured out how to use the 31 year old former all star, Jamaal Charles could still be a viable weapon for a team desperate for a Running Back. Much like Frank Gore was for the Colts this past season. Chances are that he will want to go to a team who can make a serious playoff push though.

8) Frank Gore – Indianapolis Colts

2017 Stats: 16 Games, 261 ATT, 961 Yards, 3 TD’s, 29 Rec, 245 Yards, 1 TD

At 34 years old, Gore is still an effective member of a team. He finished this season just under the 1,000 yards rushing mark. The former pro bowler will probably seek a one year deal with anyone who will give him a chance. 34 is a risky age to still be playing the RB position.

7) Carlos Hyde – San Fransisco

2017 Stats: 16 Games, 240 ATT, 938 Yards, 8 TD’s, 59 Rec, 350 Yards

Another guy who was close to 1,000 yards this season that’ll hit the market this offseason. Hyde is a younger option than Gore. With the huge addiction of Jimmy G. to the 49ers, look for Hyde to stick around at a team friendly cost.

6) Dion Lewis – New England Patriots

2017 Stats: 16 Games, 180 ATT, 896 Yards, 6 TD’s, 32 Rec, 214 Yards, 3 TD’s

The dynamic Lewis will hit the Free Agent market. Lewis is more than likely going to be the odd man out in the New England backfield. Any team looking for a solid receiving back should be in the market for Lewis’ services.

5) Eddie Lacy – Seattle Seahawks

2017 Stats: 9 Games, 69 ATT, 179 Yards, 6 Rec, 47 Yards

Lacy can’t seem to keep his weight in check. It looks to be a key feature in this offseason as he looks for a new home. If he can reach an agreement he could easily be a 1,000 yard back. He spent most of last season injured. When he was on the field he just couldn’t produce. He averaged 2 yards per carry. Teams that are desperate for a pure power back should look into Lacy.

4) Darren Sproles – Philadelphia Eagles

2017 Stats: 3 Games, 15 ATT, 61 Yards, 7 Rec, 71 Yards

Sproles is another receiving back who will come at a higher price tag than Lewis. He got injured early into the season. In other words, he didn’t help Philly get to the playoffs so he becomes expendable. Blount will also be a Free Agent so they may try to bring him back.

3) Isiah Crowell – Cleveland Browns

2017 Stats: 16 Games, 206 ATT, 853 Yards, 3 TD’s, 28 Rec, 128 Yards

An effective runner who isn’t great in the pass game. He can help a team tear through a defenses front seven. Crowell is a power back. Look for a team like Houston to go after him.

2) Jeremy Hill – Cincinnati Bengals

2017 Stats: 7 Games, 37 ATT, 116 Yards, 4 Rec, 16 Yards

Stuck behind Giovanni Bernard and Joe Mixon, Hill had a down year. There is no reason that he wouldn’t be able to produce on a team that utilizes him properly. He’s a solid runner who can maneuver through a defense with ease.

1) Le’Veon Bell – Pittsburgh Steelers

2017 Stats: 15 Games, 321 ATT, 1,291 Yards, 9 TD’s, 85 Rec, 655 Yards, 2 TD’s

Bell recently stated that he is willing to sit out the entire 2018 season or even retire if he get tagged rather than paid what he deems he is worth. Much more incentive for Pittsburgh to get a long term deal done with him. Bell is quite possibly one of the most dynamic players ever to play the game and certainly the best in the game today.

Picture Source: Philadelphia.CBSlocal.com


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