I wouldn’t call it a comeback, Manziel been here for years. Johnny Manziel’s two year lay off from football may soon be coming to an end. The Canadian Football League Hamilton Tiger Cats have offered Manziel a contract, the team announced in a statement January 7, 2018. Manziel previously activated his 10 day window for the Tiger Cats to offer him a contract or lose his negotiation. By offering Manziel a contract, the team now retains his rights for an additional year giving both sides time to negotiate and agree on a deal.

The Hamilton Tiger Cats reportedly offered Manziel a two year deal. The contract is said to be a competitive offer and not just the league minimum $54,000 according to TSN. The former first round pick Johnny Manziel last played in the NFL December 27, 2015. Manziel has previously hinted as a potential update regarding his return to football with an Instagram post early Sunday morning. Johnny posted a photo of him throwing the football with the caption “Just wait on it” #ComebackSZN. Manziel also replied to a comment with a Canadian flag emoji hinting at his contract offer in the Canadian Football League.

Hamilton Tiger Cats Head Coach June Jones previously praised Johnny Manziel saying the former Cleveland Browns quarterback would be “the best player to ever play” in the CFL. “I think he’d be the best player to ever play up here,” Jones told CFL in December. “He can throw it and he can run it like nobody else has ever been able to do”

Two NFL hall of fame quarterbacks played in the CFL Warren Moon and Doug Flutie. Jones believes Manziel style of play will translate very well for him in the CFL. “I saw it in college, saw it on film, saw it against Alabama, I saw it against everybody” Jones told CFL.ca “Even in his NFL films to be quite honest”  The things he would be able to do in the Canadian Football League he did really well at in the NFL. “I think Manziel has tremendous upside and it really is in his lap what he wants to do”

However I think if Manziel stays in good shape and has grown up and the issues he was having are no longer a problem for him he could potentially be the missing piece the Tiger Cats team needs, as they finished the season 6-12. Manziel isn’t the only former NFL quarterback on the Tiger Cats negotiation list. The Canadian Football League owns the negotiation rights to Colin Kapernick and Robert Griffin III. But neither Kapernick or RGIII have expressed interest in the CFL.



Written by Tyler Joseph Wertz

I'm 23 years old just got a heart transplant December 20th I am beyond blessed if it wasn't for my lord and savior idk where I would be I love to fish watch sports and play video games I have a beautiful fiancé named Valerie we will be getting married sometime next year and I have two kids Faith Leann and Jaxon Curtiss my favorite sports teams Houston Texans Houston Rockets Houston Astros Texas A&M

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