This year’s Major League Baseball off-season has been very quiet, besides the Giancarlo Stanton trade. That could all change very soon thanks to Yu Darvish. It appears most teams are waiting to see who he signs with and for how much before they make any moves.

It was reported on January 10th that Darvish has six teams vying for his services. The Texas Rangers, New York Yankees, Chicago Cubs, Houston Astros and Minnesota Twins have all been rumored to be interested. What is more interesting is Darvish tweeted on January 10th, “I know one more team is in”.

Darvish has been meeting with the other clubs, except for the Minnesota Twins. Before becoming Senior VP/General Manager in Minnesota, Thad Levine was the Assistant General Manager during Darvish’s stint with the Rangers.

If the Twins were to sign Darvish, he would give the Twins pitching staff a huge boost and would likely become their number one starter. A potential Darvish signing would also send the rest of baseball a message that the Twins are ready to play the money game with the big boys (i.e. Yankees, Red Sox, Cubs, etc.).

Yu Darvish will be 31 years old on Opening Day and will enter the season with a career record of 56-42 with a 3.42 ERA in 131 starts.

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