Written by Kevin Lewis

Happy new year to the Minnesota Twins! To start the 2018 calendar year the Twins were dealt some very troubling news. A local Minneapolis photographer who work works for all local team accused him of sexually assaulting her.

The allegation comes from an event held back in 2015. In the midst of the #metoo campaign, the team quickly released a statement saying that they are taking this matter very seriously and are in contact with the MLB and MLBPA about the issue. Plans have been made for the photographer to meet with the Twins and the MLB about the issue.

Sano is coming off a left shin surgery from an injury that caused issues for him late in the 2017 campaign. In 114 games, Sano hit .264/.352/.507 with 28 Home Runs, 77 RBIs and was named to the AL All Star Team.

Miguel is thought to be an integral part of the Twins future core. The possibility of not having him could set them back in their rebuilding plan. They may be forced to release or trade him. He could also just face a suspension.

Picture Source: CBSSports.com


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