10) Josh Gordon – Cleveland Browns

2017 Stats: 5 Games, 18 Rec, 335 Yards, 1 TD

It’s very likely that Gordon will be back with the Browns next season. Not many teams are going to want to take a chance on a player who is on strike two with the league. After his reinstatement he quickly became the top weapon for a weaponless team. He could do some real damage and help the Browns win a game or two next season.

9) Jordan Matthews – Buffalo Bills

2017 Stats: 10 Games, 25 Rec, 282 Yards, 1 TD

Matthews has a better past than Gordon therefor he is higher on the list. There is less risk with him even though he will be coming off a season ending knee injury. I doubt he returns to Buffalo as they try to get younger and faster at one of the most important positions on the field.

8) Danny Amendola – New England Patriots

2017 Stats: 15 Games, 61 Rec, 659 Yards, 2 TD

Although he will be going into next season at 33 years old, Danny Amendola will definitely have some juice left in the tank after this postseason. He would make a good inside slot receiver for any team in the league. Look for him to re-sign with the Patriots on a one or two year deal for very little money.

7) Mike Wallace – Baltimore Ravens

2017 Stats: 15 Games, 52 Rec, 748 Yards, 4 TD

Like Amendola, Wallace is getting up there in age. Wallace has had many disappointing season so far in his career. I would not be surprised to see him retire. If he doesn’t, look for teams like Pittsburgh or Houston to look for his services.

6) Eric Decker – Tennessee Titians

2017 Stats: 16 Games, 54 Rec, 563 Yards, 1 TD

Decker came over to the Titians in a before the season trade and helped lead them to a wild card birth. Having him opened up the field for Marcus Mariota. At 30 years old look for him to sign with a playoff caliber team. Maybe a reunion with Denver is in the cards.

5) Terrell Pryor – Washington Redskins

2017 Stats: 9 Games, 20 Rec, 240 Yards, 1 TD

Pryor is the biggest wild card on this list. The former college QB turned WR lit up team in 2016 while with the browns. Signs a one year deal with the Redskins and gets hurt for almost half the year. His stat line for the nine games he played isn’t all too impressive though. He has already teased a return to the Browns on social media. I don’t see Washington brining him back

4) Taylor Gabriel – Atlanta Falcons

2017 Stats: 16 Games, 33 Rec, 378 Yards, 1 TD

All though Gabriel is not a household name, the 27 year old could easily become a significant role player for a contending team. Throw him in the a lot much like New England does with Danny Amendola and just keep throwing his way. His stat line would most likely double. He has the talent. Look for him to sign a long term deal with a new team much like Mohammed Sabu did a few years ago.

3) Sammy Watkins – Los Angeles Rams

2017 Stats: 15 G, 39 Rec, 593 Yards, 8 TD

One of the three youngest guys one this list, Watkins is going to be the cheapest option for teams. He has already stated that he would love to head back to Los Angeles and keep playing for the Rams. His injury problems seem to be behind him and he will more than likely seek a long term deal. Look for rebuilding teams to inquire about his services.

2) Allen Robinson – Jacksonville Jaguars

2017 Stats: 1 G, 1 Rec, 17 Yards

Another young guy to hit free agency this off season, this 25 years old is coming off his first major injury with a torn ACL this season. The Jaguars star WR will more than likely find a new home this offseason. The 49ers have over $100 million to spend and they need to give Jimmy Garoppolo some weapons. Look for him to head to the Bay Area.

1) Jarvis Landry – Miami Dolphins

2017 Stats: 16 G, 112 Rec, 987 Yards, 9 TD

Jarvis Landry is quite obviously the cream of the crop in this Free Agent class.In his four years in the league he has never had under 84 catches. The Miami Dolphins have me under the impression that they will let him walk. Once again, the 49ers needs weapons and have a lot of money to give. I don’t see anyone outbidding them.

Look for the 49ers to be big buyers this offseason as they try to give Jimmy G. some weapons to throw too. He was 4-0 with no name guys, imagine what he could do with Jarvis Landry and Allen Robinson.

Picture Source: BleacherReport.com/SBnation.com



  1. Josh Gordon is not an upcoming free agent. People always want to poach our guys. Like the constant “Lebron’s leaving…” isn’t enough.


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