No he’s not Arnold’s best friend on the show “Hey Arnold”. Trust me I thought the same thing when I heard he signed with the Rockets on a 10 day contract earlier this month. Green has played his way into contract until the end of the season.

Green is a career journeyman in the NBA. The way he has been playing in a couple games with the Rockets really makes NBA fans think “why”?

Green is averaging 16.8 ppg in his short stint with the Rockets, but in his last 2 games has scored 28 and 29 points in those games. His coming out party is quite similar to Jeremy Lin a few years ago.

Similar to Linsanity in NYC, Houston fans are pumped up for this guy as their star player James Harden is out with injury for two weeks. Now Green doesn’t even come close to Harden in terms of productivity, but this Rockets team could be deadly in the playoffs if Green can continue this high caliber of play!

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Written by Trevor Vasquez

Sports. Dog. Wife. Astros just a few things I love.

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