Edmonton Oilers Left Winger Patrick Maroon and notable pest has been suspended for two games for his shoulder to head check on Los Angeles Kings Defenseman Drew Doughty.

There was a lot of debate last night on how many (if any) games Patrick Maroon would get for his hit late in the second period. Many felt that he would not receive any additional discipline apart from the five minute major interference penalty and automatic game ejection. Doughty made his way slowly to the bench immediately following the hit, and returned in the third period after completing a concussion protocol.

Oilers fans will argue that Doughty was embellishing, which may have been the case. However, Patrick Maroon had it coming for quite some time, as he has an agitating nature and often crosses the line with the extracurricular activity. There was no doubt that his intention was to target Drew Doughty at all costs in that play.

Could Doughty’s well documented Mic’d up comment at Maroon (“Buddy, you suck at hockey!”) a few years ago have had a build up of unfinished business leading up to the incident?

Photo Source: edmontonjournal.com


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