Kareem Hunt early on in the season was the favorite to win the offensive rookie of the year award but he’s been in a slump as of recent and has the race for offensive rookie of the year wide open for other young stars.

These are the top five candidates for offensive rookie of the year award and defensive rookie of the year award.

Alvin Kamara New Orleans Saints running back was drafted in the 3rd round from Tennessee and has been running away with the offensive rookie of the year award the last few months. Kamara is only the 3rd rookie in NFL history to have 600 rushing yards and 600 receiving yards in a season, but their are still 3 more games to play.

Kamara leads the league in 7.0 yards per rush almost two more yards then any other running back in the NFL. Alvin has been playing in dynamic fashion for a 9-4 Saints team, consistently making big plays breaking tackles and hurdling defenders. Kamara has been nothing less then spectacular since week 5.

Alvin Kamara ranks second in the NFL with 1,017 yards from scrimmage behind only Le’Veon Bell and is tied with teammate Mark Ingram for a league leading nine touchdowns during that span.

How Alvin Kamara could win the offensive rookie of the year award in the last 3 games. This is Kamara award to lose if he can stay healthy he suffered a concussion last week that kept him sideline, but he should return this Sunday. 

One of the only scenarios that could change things is if Hunt finishes the season the way he started the season and the Kansas City Chiefs storm back to win the AFC west, while both Kamara and the Saints flop down the stretch. But if Alvin Kamara keeps playing like he has been he’s on pace to finish with close to 800 rushing yards and 800 receiving yards and 14 touchdowns to run away with the offensive rookie of the year award.

Cooper Kupp Los Angeles Rams wide receiver was drafted in the 3rd round from Eastern Washington, and has been the NFL most productive rookie wide receiver through the first 14 weeks. Kupp mostly lines up in the slot for the Rams and ranks 3rd among all rookie wide receivers in receptions with 56, and leads the league in both receiving yards 783 and receiving first downs 38. Kupp is on a whole different level then the rest of the NFL rookie receivers. 

Kupp leads in the league in targets per route 23.0 percent and receptions per route 15.2 percent and is second in receptions per target 65.9 percent. Cooper has also acted as the second coach on the field. 

How Kupp can win the offensive rookie of the year award in the final 3 weeks.

Kupp is 464 scrimmage yards behind Kamara who is considered the favorite which means Cooper has a lot of ground to make up. A 1,000 yards receiving on a playoff team gives him heavy consideration and Cooper Kupp has already broke the franchise rookie record for receptions by a rookie. Kupp needs to average 73 receiving yards during the last 3 games to reach the 1,000 receiving yards mark  which is definitely not out of Cooper reach. 

A couple more touchdowns to go along with the 4 Kupp already has would definitely do no harm. Kupp is on pace to be the leading receiver on his team that could very easily lead the NFL in points which won’t be overlooked.

Evan Engram New York Giants tight end has more receiving touchdowns then any other rookie tight end in the NFL with six. Engram does a lot of damage to defenses so they tend key in on him since the Giants have been plagued by injuries at other positions. Evan Engram has been a huge threat averaging 3 receptions in his last 7 out of 8 games.

 Engram had one catch for 5 yards against the Eagles and Engram will become the most productive rookie tight end since Jeremy Shockey. Keith Jackson and Jeremy Shockey are the only tight ends to ever record more then 56 receptions as a rookie. Evan Engram sits with 55 receptions entering week 15.

How Engram can win the offensive rookie of the year award in the final three games.

Evan Engram needs to keep playing at the pace he’s been playing at for the last 8 weeks. If Engram could somehow get into the endzone at least 3 more times that would definitely help his case. Their has only ever been two tight ends in NFL history Patriots Rob Gronkowski and Mike Ditka have done better then nine receiving touchdowns as a rookie.

 So if Engram could score at least 3 more touchdowns it will definitely raise some eyebrows, and would be even better if he could have his first career 100 yard receiving game in a upset against the Eagles.

Kareem Hunt Kansas City Chiefs running back is doing things very few rookie running backs have ever done, and that’s start their careers in more then a specatcular manner than him. Hunt rushed for 148 yards and had a touchdown, caught two touchdown passes one of them going for 78 yards in the Chief’s season opener with a win over the Patriots. 

Kareem had at least rushed for 100 yards in his first 7 games an NFL record. However then Hunt went into a slump but I wouldn’t say it’s because of him but rather other problems going on around him not himself. But Hunt did bounce back last week and ran for 116 yards last week when they played the Raiders.

How Kareem Hunt can win the rookie of the year award in the final 3 games.

If Hunt can finish the season strong that should just be enough for him. Kareem still has a comfortable lead among other rookies in rushing yardage and second behind Le’Veon Bell trailing him by only 59 yards. Kareem Hunt finally broke 1,000 rushing this season in their win against the Raiders.

Leonard Fournette Jacksonville Jaguars running back leads all rookie running backs with 8 rushing touchdowns and 923 yards rushing second among rookies to only Hunt 1,046. But with that being said Fournette has also played in two fewer games then Kareem. What separates Fournette from other running backs is teams try to stack the box a lot more against him then any other running back and Leonard still does well.

Leonard Fournette has 80 carries against eight plus man boxes is the most in the NFL. When you think about it your like that’s not much, but really its quite a bit that’s 35 percent of his total carries. On the other hand Kansas City Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt has only rushed against 8 defenders in the box 34 times, which is only 16 percent of his total carries. 

Fournette has helped establish a tough physical idenity that his coach Doug Marrone wanted on offense. The Jacksonville Jaguars lead in the league in rushing yards behind Leonard Fournette in the backfield.

How Leonard Fournette could win the offensive rookie of the year award in the final 3 weeks.

Fournette’s main enemies are Hunt and Kamara for the offensive rookie of the year award. But what really should be interesting is the Kansas City Chiefs, Jacksonville Jaguars and New Orleans Saints are all in the playoff hunt so their will be a lot of eyes on all three of them, whoever goes deeper into the playoffs I think makes a huge impact on who will be offensive rookie of the year as well.

Hunt and Fournette had a lot of early momentum Fournette had 596 rushing yards in his first 6 games and a 181 yard performance against Pittsburgh. But an ankle injury and being deactivated for violating team rules as well as less production cost him major support over the last few weeks. 

Leonard Fournette came out of his mini slump with 101 yards rushing and a touchdown against Seattle last Sunday, but his best bet to win the award is to put together a couple more good performances and by that I mean a couple 100 yard rushing games to finish off the season. 

But something that I definitely think speaks volumes is if the Jaguars win out and take the AFC south it helps Leonard Fournette case.

Defensive rookie of the year award race.

Carl Lawson Cincinnati Bengals line backer leads all rookie edge defenders with 52 total pressures out doing Derek Barnett who has 35. Lawson has 7.5 sacks just one more sack then Steelers TJ Watt. Since Lawson usually plays in nickel packages he has only 361 snaps far less then most defensive rookies.

How Carl Lawson can still win the defensive rookie of the year award in the last 3 games.

Because Carl Lawson and the Bengals are out of the playoffs he’ll have to put on some big performances and pile up stats in the next few weeks. Lawson will really need to reach double digits in sacks, which will be rather difficult due to how the Bengal’s have been struggling and their last 3 games are no easy task. 

Lawson hasn’t had a sack in over three weeks that will have to change if he wants any chance at being back in the defensive rookie of the year conversation.

Marshon Lattimore New Orleans Saints corner back has really looked like he could run away with the award before a week 11 injury to his ankle that sidelined him for almost 3 games and he made the race close again. But Lattimore has returned and still has a chance after establishing his self as a true # #1 corner back for one of the NFL most improved defenses.

 Marshon Lattimore a 11th overall pick in the first rund from Ohio State has 3 interceptions, and returned one for a touchdown to go with his 10 pass defenses and one forced fumble. Lattimore is the highest graded rookie at any position since Adrian Peterson in 2007 and that rite their should tell you something in it’s self. 

New Orleans Saints pass defense is ranked #1 in the NFL when Marshon is on the field from week 4 to week 10. So you can definitely see a difference in these comparsions when he’s not on the field from week 11 to week 13 they were ranked 28th in pass defense when he’s not on the field the defense is missing a piece to their puzzle.

How Marshon Lattimore could win defensive rookie of the year in the last three weeks

Lattimore will get to show his worth against some really good receivers when the Saints face the Jets, Falcons and Bucanners. But week 16 rematch against Julio Jones will most likely make or break his candidacy but in the same sense if he can lockdown Julio Jones one of the best receivers in the NFL and take supremacy over the NFC south title he should run away with the defensive rookie of the year award. 

Marshon was just average in him and Julio Jones first matchup where the Saints lost 20-17 in week 14 when Lattimore returned from his ankle injury and had to take several breaks to put the oxygen mask on with a illness he is fighting. Lattimore intercepted a pass in front of Julio but also gave up 3 to 4 passes two Jones and had two flags thrown for defensive holding. Julio Jones had the most success against Lattimore then any other wide receiver this year by a large margin.

Myles Garrett Cleveland Browns defensive end has not played in every Browns game but when he’s played you can say he’s played well. Two injuries have kept Garrett out of 5 games, while his raw numbers are not great he leads the Browns with 5 sacks. Myles talent his definitely evident but has not been on the field to pile up monster numbers. 

How Myles Garrett could win the defensive rookie of the year award in the final 3 games.

If Myles can have two breakout games out of the three that were expected of him going #1 overall in the draft and get at least two sacks a piece in two games he can win it, but it won’t be a walk in the park. His teammate Emmanuel Ogbah, Garrett is getting extra attention on almost every single play. But if he can make it happen he could definitley win the award.


TJ Watt Pittsburgh Steelers line backer has emerged as a serious playmaker on a defense that is loaded with veterans and former high draft picks. Watt athletic ability allows him to play in pass coverage or rush the passer which has kept veteran James Harrison sidelined for most of the year. 

Watt is one of a few NFL players with at least 40 tackles, 6 sacks and 6 pass defenses. TJ had a signature moment a strip sack on Baltimore Ravens quarter back Joe Flacco in the final seconds of the game that sealed the deal in a 39-38 victory over the Ravens to clinch the AFC north. Watt picked up the defense quick and has taken advantage of his increased snaps.

How TJ Watt could win defensive rookie of the year in the next 3 games.

If TJ Watt really wants a big chance at winning defensive rookie of the year now is the time this Sunday when they go up against the New England Patriots which could definitely be the AFC championship game to have a big performace. Pittsburgh Steelers need a solution to slow down Gronk who has 8 touchdowns in his past five games against the Steelers. TJ Watt has said he will match up with Gronk and he won’t back down from a challenge. 

One thing you have to do to the Patriots is put pressure on Tom Brady and sack him a few times he gets frustrated and sometimes makes mistakes he normally wouldn’t make. If he can have a few big plays in this game it could really help his chances in winning defensive rookie of the year.

Tre’Davious White Buffalo Bills corner back is tied among other rookies with 3 interceptions and nine pass breakups ranked 3rd among rookies. White 848 snaps 98 percent of the Bills total defensive snaps the most among rookies. His coaches have praised him for his maturity since he began practicing with the first team defense since May. However Tre’Davious White hasn’t been perfect he has proven he is ready to compete with the best NFL wide receivers since day one.

How Tre’Davious white can win defensive rookie of the year in the last 3 games.

If White can add 1 more interception to his stats. In Tre’Davious case statistics are definitley a positive for White it makes a clear path for players like him to win postseason awards who play in small markets, and for a team that doesn’t play a lot of games on national television. 

When the voters stack White up against other rookies such as Bengals Shaq Lawson with 7.5 sacks on the year and Steelers TJ Watt with 6 sacks, they want to see White playmaking ability to show he belongs in the conversation like the other two guy in this tight race for the defensive rookie of the year award.


Written by Tyler Joseph Wertz

I'm 23 years old just got a heart transplant December 20th I am beyond blessed if it wasn't for my lord and savior idk where I would be I love to fish watch sports and play video games I have a beautiful fiancé named Valerie we will be getting married sometime next year and I have two kids Faith Leann and Jaxon Curtiss my favorite sports teams Houston Texans Houston Rockets Houston Astros Texas A&M

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