We have all heard the news that Derek Jeter and a team of investors bought out the Miami Marlins. We knew they wanted to shave cap space to save on money. That makes perfect sense from a business stand point. New owners come into a business that isn’t making money, they want to turn the ship around as quickly as possible.

What a lot of people may not know is that the new ownership group had to take a loan out to buy the team. In reality that should have been a red flag to the league from the start. I’m not sure how the MLB let the investors actually go through with buying this team when they couldn’t afford it. Jeter who is a Part owner wouldn’t even show his face in Orlando for the winter meetings. He was in Miami at the Miami Dolphins-New England Patriots Monday Night Football game instead.

Picture Source: USAToday.com

The situation we are in now is a rare one. Miami is a couple players away from being a complete team of nobodies after trading away the home run king Giancarlo Stanton, all star Outfielder Marcell Ozuna, and SS Dee Gordon to the New York Yankees, St. Louis Cardinals, and Seattle Mariners, respectively.

The Marlins went from a team that needed to few key pieces to being a feared in the future kind of team. They got more back for Ozuna than they did for Stanton. Another question here being how did the MLB let this trade happen?

Picture Source: Pinstrip Alley

Stanton went to the Yankees for literally nothing. The argument could be made that they got so little in return because they picked up the full $256 million left on Stanton’s contract. Anger from people around the league comes from the fact that a lifetime Yankee (Jeter) made a dirt cheap trade with his former team and handed them the best pure hitter in all of baseball.

The highest paid player currently on the Marlins is 3B Martin Prado who is set to make $13.5 million next year. Right behind him is SP Edinson Volquez making exactly $13 million next year. Look for them to be moved to keep cutting the $70.4 million payroll they currently have.

Picture Source: Mike Ehermann/Getty Images North America

It’s going to be a rough three to five years for Miami fans as the team fully dedicates itself to a rebuild. There is no longer a superstar like player to sell tickets. Ownership may have made it harder on themselves to make any money which is the goal from the start with all these moves. Good luck Marlins fans, with the way things have gone, you’re going to need it.

Contract Details: Baseball-Reference.com

Picture Source: Federal Baseball


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