WWE superstar Rich Swann is being held without bail in the Florida County Jail and charged with battery and false imprisonment. Rich Swann 26 is the former WWE Cruiserweight champion he was arrested Saturday.

WWE released a statement about Swann on Sunday. “WWE has a zero tolerance policy against domestic violence Rich Swann has been suspended indefinitely”

Gainesville law enforcement Swann had got into and argument with his wife who is also a wrestler Vannarah Riggs had a match earlier in the evening in Northwest Florida. Swann and his wife Riggs live in Orlando. Police say Riggs jumped out of Swann slowly moving car.

The witness reports seeing Swann but Riggs in a headlock and dragged her back to the vehicle. Riggs was screaming for help as Swann was putting her back in the car.

However the witness said he seen Swann get out of the car a second time. Riggs told officers “she was afraid of Swann because he has a bad temper sometimes” Vannarah Riggs said she was trying to get away so the argument didn’t turn into physical violence. Rich Swann told officers he never touched his wife and she got into the vehicle on her own.


Written by Tyler Joseph Wertz

I'm 23 years old just got a heart transplant December 20th I am beyond blessed if it wasn't for my lord and savior idk where I would be I love to fish watch sports and play video games I have a beautiful fiancé named Valerie we will be getting married sometime next year and I have two kids Faith Leann and Jaxon Curtiss my favorite sports teams Houston Texans Houston Rockets Houston Astros Texas A&M

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