The Yankees and Marlins are heating up trade talks for Stanton and his massive contract. If the trade falls through New York would be looking to send 3rd baseman switch hitter Chase Headly , Starlin Castro and possibly Jacoby Ellisbury. Headley and Castro combined are owed $35 more on their current contract and could eat up some of Stanton’s $295 million dollar contract which is exactly what the Marlins want.

          Former Yankee Derek Jeter and Bruce Sherman purchased the Marlins with $400 million owed in debt so it seems they are pretty desperate to ship Stanton. While the Yankees are in no immediate need for a outfielder you can’t help but to imagine the 2017 Rookie of the Year Aaron Judge pairing up with Stanton and not be impressed. We’ll look to see if a trade gets accepted over the weekend.

  Pic sources: usa today


Written by Wesley Roman

Just a sports fan who writes about sports since I can't play :)

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