Baker Mayfield story is a wild one. In fact he wasn’t even starting his, junior year in high school when the season started. Mayfield was a walk on at Texas Tech, but he tranferred to Oklahoma with much less of a scholarship. In just two seasons at Lake Travis High School he had a record of 25-2. However coming out of high school Mayfield, wasn’t a blue chip prospect because he lacked size at just 6 feet tall.

As remarkable as Mayfield career in high school was the 34-5, record at Oklahoma was even more astonishing. The thing that separates him from other college football athletes is that, he doesn’t get rattled on the big stages. Mayfield seems to perform well against rivals and ranked opponents. 

In October of last year Mayfield first trip back to Jones Stadium. Mayfield went up against Patrick Mahomes in one of the craziest offensive showdowns in college football history. Mahomes broke a record with 819 yards of total offense, mayfield didn’t dissappoint either he threw 7 TD passes. Oklahoma would come out with a victory over Tech 66-59. Mahomes said “It was cool to be in that environment to get to go back and forth” 

Urban Meyer Ohio State coach was focused on how Baker dominated his team in the rematch this year in week 2 of the college football season. Meyer said “I counted at least nine times when he took over the game” “He’s a guy that every defensive coordinator has nightmares about”

Their are perfect reasons why he is a Heisman finalist. At Lake Travis Mayfield went from backup to state champion starter. In Oklahoma he got the nod for the starting job, but his head football coach didn’t think he would win the starting job. Just this season alone he has passed for 4,340 yards and 41 touchdowns with just 5 interceptions. Mayfield has performed very well this season is why many people have him slated to win the Heisman.


Written by Tyler Joseph Wertz

I'm 23 years old just got a heart transplant December 20th I am beyond blessed if it wasn't for my lord and savior idk where I would be I love to fish watch sports and play video games I have a beautiful fiancé named Valerie we will be getting married sometime next year and I have two kids Faith Leann and Jaxon Curtiss my favorite sports teams Houston Texans Houston Rockets Houston Astros Texas A&M

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