SAME OLD STRUGGLES: Marvin Lewis’ Bengals looked lost when it mattered most on Monday Night Football. Photo: Sporting News

Cincinnati’s Monday night meltdown against Pittsburgh was a microcosm of the franchise’s struggles over the last decade.

Regardless of Andy Dalton’s success in the opening stages, it always felt like the Steelers would find a way to turn the game on its head, and that’s what they did.

Everything that worked for the Bengals in the first half fizzled out by the end of the third quarter as the same story began to unfold.

Is the coach to blame? Absolutely.

It’s no coincidence you don’t see these things from New England, Pittsburgh, Baltimore and New Orleans – they have dependable and authoritative head coaches.

Marvin Lewis holds a satisfactory 118-105 regular season record but it’s his 0-7 strike rate in the post season that’s a cause for concern.

It’s not only playoff football that’s been an abomination, it’s Lewis’ constant failures against divisional opponents and in other marquee matchups.

The Bengals just don’t have it under Lewis’ tutelage.

They’re soft, and something needs to change.

Cincinnati’s 2017-18 campaign has now slumped to 5-7 and the playoffs look out of reach in an abysmal AFC conference.

We’re not far from the time of the year where we’ll hear rumblings about a potential coaching switch, only this time it must happen.

The AFC North title the Bengals won in 2015 was clearly an aberration and even then, they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in one of the more documented playoff meltdowns in the last 10 years.

This is far from a hot take.

Pundits have been pushing this for about five years and it seems to be reaching a comical level.

Enough is enough. Lewis must go.



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