Both these players are well known for being aggressive on the field. Now that they both face each other twice a year, it’s no surprise that things blew up during a game again. This is the second time these two players have gotten into it. With the bad blood between the two can only get worse.

Denver Broncos CB Aqib Talib and Oakland Raiders WR Micheal Crabtree have both been suspended for two games for their roles in an on field fight Sunday that led to both players being ejected. Raiders G Gabe Jackson was also ejected during this altercation for contact with a referee but has not been suspended to this point.

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Other starting Broncos CB Chris Harris said that Crabtree sucker punched him on the play before the altercation. This altercation led to both Crabtree and Talib to getting Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalties. The Raiders would go on to win the game 21-14.

Frustrations are running high for both teams as both were deep playoff contenders going into this season and have since fell out of the race. Both players intend on appealing the suspension.

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