The Most Valuable Player award goes to the man who without him, the team wouldn’t be the same. Players who make an impact that can’t be replaced by just anybody. Players like David Ortiz, Bryce Harper, and Barry Bonds. 

This year in the NL is none other than Miami Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton. The first time M.V.P. Finished the season with 59 home runs and 132 Runs Batted In. He batted .281 with 168 hits and 32 doubles. 

Stanton is in the middle of trade rumors as Derek Jeter and new ownership look to cut payroll in an attempt to make money. He is due over $200 million over the next decade with and opt after of the 2020 season. Reports are that Miami wants far to much in return and are being unrealistic in trade talks.

The AL M.V.P. Award goes to none other than World Series championship second baseman Jose Altuve of the Houston Astros. On the season Altuve batted an astronomical .346 average with a league leading 204 hits. He hit 24 Hone Runs and batted in 81. 

Altuve was a machine this season. At no point did he slow down which was a huge part in Houston taking home the title for the first time in thier history. Houston is fresh off thier rebuild and look absolutely stacked around the field. Altuve’s win here along with the championship could just be the start of a Houston dynasty.

Picture Source: New York Post/


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