Packers Tight End Martellus Bennett has been cut after not stepping on a field since late October.

Hours after coach Mike McCarthy ruled TE Martellus Bennett out of this Sunday’s game the Green Bay Packers have cut him. They cut him with the failure to disclose a medical condition designation. By cutting Bennett with this designation, it allows the team to make a case for a grievance to reclaim the $4.2 million remaining in Bennett’s prorated signing bonus.

Martellus Bennett, who has played since 2008 has a career 4,520 yards on 427 receptions. Of those 427 receptions, 30 of them were touch downs. He played for the Cowboys, Giants, Bears and most recently the Patriots before heading to the Packers.

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As he is now subject to waivers, all 31 other teams have until 4 p.m. ET tonight to submit a claim on him. If there are no claims, he enters free agency and can sign with any team at that point. Bennett, earlier this season announced that he was “pretty sure” this would be his last season. He hasn’t played a game since.

He took part in the first practice after the Packer’s bye week back in week eight of the season but hasn’t been on the field since, including the 30-17 loss against the Lions. There is still no clear moment as to when Bennett got hurt. We will have to wait until tonight to see if Bennett is claimed or slips into free agency.

Bennett has been a center piece in the National Anthem protests since being started last year. Him and his brother both have been vocal and forward about their stance and beliefs on the issue of racial injustice and bringing more attention to that. There isn’t a claim by Bennett that he’s been cut for those protests and beliefs, but this season isn’t over and in time, all things come to light.


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