Texas Ranger RHP Andrew Cashner hits the free agent market this offseason and here is why teams should be locked on him.

The MLB offseason is going to be filled with some of the biggest free agent signings we’ve ever seen. Guys like J.D. Martinez, Carlos Santana, Eric Hosmer and Todd Frazier. You also have guys throwing the ball like Yu Darvish, Jake Arrieta, Wade Davis, Alex Cobb and more. There is one man, who is floating under the radar who will be a great asset for whoever gets him.

Andrew Cashner is that man. After an 11-11 season which comes off as mediocre, Cashner will hit the free agency market coming out of the Texas Rangers ball club. This past season, he had 28 starts while yielding a 3.40 ERA and a 1.32 WHIP. In 166 innings pitched, he struck out 86 and walked 64. Once again, not amazing stats, but in previous years in San Diego, he has only improved.

ZZ Cashner
Image Source: mlb.com

The MLB average among pitchers for runs per nine innings pitched (which includes unearned runs) was 5.66. Cashner had a 4.05 R/9IP. Andrew Cashner is a solid three through five pitcher. He ranked 15th in ERA right behind Justin Verlander and in front of pitchers like Jake DeGrom, Jake Arrieta and Alex Cobb.

With the right run support around him, and the right coaches working with him, Cashner could easily be a 15-game winner season to season. He also won’t be expensive. So what team will land this 95mph fastball right-hander?


Feature Image Source: lonestarball.com


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