Yankees head coach Joe Girardi will not be returning to the New York Yankees in 2018.

After finishing out a four-year, $16 million contract, the Yankees head coach Joe Girardi will not return to for the 2018 season. The announcement will be made later today sources say. Girardi is 53, and this year the Yankees came within one game of going to the World Series. They lost to the Houston Astros in Game 7 of the ALCS. In the 10 years Girardi was in command, the Yanks had six postseason appearances, and one World Series title.

One of the concerns of Girardi’s exit is that the Yankees do not currently have a replacement. Bench coach Rob Thomson is highly respected in the dugout and clubhouse, but it’s uncertain if the Yankees would take a lower-profile candidate. First-base coach Tony Pena has managed a Major league team before, so he isn’t out of the questions. Obviously, the Yankees will be looking outside the organization as well.

Yankees GM Brian Cashman has certain traits he’s looking for. He is a Moneyball man, so he wants a coach that will look at advanced statistics. Knowing stats is not enough to make a manager though as Cashman knows. The media and fan presence around the Yankees is not quiet, and can be ruthless at times. The coach will need to be composed as Girardi showed in interview after interview.

When previously returning to the team at the end of a contract, Girardi has always said that he would consult his wife and three kids to see what they thought was best. He has always returned, but it seems this time that the Yankees are not interested. He finished his time with the Yankees with a 910-710 record.

Options for Girardi include broadcasting, whether it is baseball or college football which he has expressed a passion for. He has also talked about aspiring to work in baseball operations. While he has used the word longshot, he’s vocalized about becoming an athletic director.

What is next for Girardi? What is next for the Yankees?


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