After suffering from a gruesome non-contact knee injury in training camp in 2016, we are finally right around the corner from a Teddy Bridgewater return. At the very earliest we could see him back on week 10 when the Vikings are set the play the Washington Redskins.

Bridgewater was setting the league on fire when he went down just before the third year of his career was going to start. He lost an entire year and a half due to this injury. No one is sure if he will even come back the same player he was.

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Teddy led the team to a 18-14 record over those two seasons with 3,150 yards, 28 touchdowns, and 21 interceptions. He came off an 11-5 year and statistically the best year of his career. Minnesota has a completely different dynamic team this year.

Since Bridgewater went down the team has added many solid reliable weapons around Quarterbacks Sam Bradford and Case Keenum. If Bridgewater return to his former self, Minnesota could very well be in the fight for the NFC Chanpionship.

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