The New York Giants have started the 2017 season 0-5. This is a team many predicted would find its way back to the Super Bowl this season. Some awful play calling and a handful of injuries has turned the Giants season upside down. 

Head Coach Ben Mcadoo has lost complete control of this team. He is no longer calling plays on the sidelines for the team. How a coach can still have a job after losing control of the most important thing on a football team is beyond me. At 0-5, they have nothing to lose, they can just fire him.

Picture Source: USA Today

Domonique Rodgers-Cromartie was suspended indefinitely by Mcadoo. As of this writing, Mcadoo has yet to even tell the Giants brass the reasoning behind the suspension. This could be something as simple as he was late to a few to many team meetings.

At no fault to anyone imparticular both top Wide Recieviers Odell Beckham Jr and Brandon Marshall are both injured and out for the season. Linebacker Mark Herzlich is also currently injured. With the way the team looks, it seems like it may be time to go into a full rebuild.

Picture Source: Big Blue United

When you go into a full rebuild, your starting point should be your 36 year old star quarterback. Eli Manning has two world championships under his belt and has no reason to stick through a rebuild at this stage in his career. At such an old age, it’s all about championships and winning games now.

There are a few teams who are in desperate need of a solid reliable QB. Manning has never been the top QB in a season, but he can at least bring a solid team to the playoffs. As soon as yo make the playoffs, anything can happen. The issue is that you need to make the playoffs.

Manning is signed through 2019 with a no trade clause. He would have to approve any trade with any team. The only two teams that would make sense as a trade partner would be the Jacksonville Jaguars and New York Jets. Both teams are doing much better than expected so far this season. 

Blake Bortles in Jacksonville is not the answer. They need to do something else at the position as they can’t just rely on Lenard Fournette to keep running the ball. That gameplan can make the playoffs and they usually get murdered quickly. The plus being that Jacksonville has one of the best defenses in the league so far this season.

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As for the Jets, I’m still not sure how they are 3-2, they keep sliding by narrowly getting wins. If this keeps up, then they should look into a solid option at QB and keep up this momentum. They are tied for the lead in the AFC east and currently are in the thick of the playoff picture.

Picture Source: Chris Mcgrath/Getty Images North America 


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