Down 0-2 coming into Fenway Park, the Astros will be looking to finish them off, while the Sox struggle to stay alive.

Today, the Red Sox and Astros have a day off for travel time into Boston to play Game 3 of the ALDS. The Houston Astros have a two-game lead going into Game 3. They also have outscored the Red Sox 16-4 in those two games. A lack of pitching ability from the Red Sox, and an explosive offensive from the Astros has made for a messy ALDS.

Drew Pomeranz making his first ever postseason start gave up four earned runs in 2.0 IP. He had one walk and one strikeout. He also gave up two home runs to Carlos Correa and George Springer. Pomeranz did start the third inning, but never recorded an out before being replaced by Carson Smith who recorded one out, and walked two. He was then replaced by David Price who ended up pitching 2.2 innings striking out two. Eduardo Rodriguez and Addison Reed gave up two runs each.

The Red Sox burned through seven pitchers. Four of those pitchers were used before the Astros removed Dallas Keuchel who went 5.2 innings with seven strikeouts and gave up only one run. The Astros went through three other pitchers who combined gave up one run, no walks, four strikeouts and only four hits.

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The Astros’ bats were once again on fire, with the team as a whole going 12-36, which is a .333 batting average, compared to the Sox .205 team batting average. Four Astros made up the eight run total with OF Carlos Correa bringing in four of them with a two run home run in the first inning.

The two teams travel to Fenway to play tomorrow at 2:30 EST. Now what people don’t want to forget is that a 0-2 deficit is not an impossible one to come back from. Multiple teams have done it including the Rangers, Yankees, and Red Sox. The Astros need to stay at the pace, taking it one game at a time making sure they don’t get over-confident with the lead they have. The Red Sox need to score early, and keep the Astros from scoring early, which they have failed to do both in the first two games.

In Game 3, Doug Fister takes the mound for the Red Sox facing off against Brad Peacock. In his one start against the Red Sox this season, Peacock won, going five innings and allowing only two runs at Fenway. Fister has eight career postseason starts, but tomorrow will be his first since 2014. He put up a career high strikeout rate with 21.2%, but also put up a career high 4.88 ERA.

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My Prediction: The conclusion of the Red Sox season ends in Fenway Park tomorrow afternoon with Doug Fister on the mound. Price will surely come out of the bullpen to perform damage control, but once he comes out, more runs will go up on the board. The Red Sox hitting has been absent with guys like Bogaerts, Betts, Pedroia and Ramirez posting a combined 6-29 with seven strikeouts, three walks, and only one run.

If the Red Sox season comes to an end tomorrow afternoon, I expect to see changes in management. By that, I mean I expect to see John Farrell fired. He has made so many poor decisions in this postseason, and many throughout the regular season that warranted questioning. Whether it was him leaving Chris Sale in Game 1 to give up more runs in the sixth, or his base-running decisions towards the end of the season that was just sloppy, Farrell has proven he doesn’t have the mental knowledge to lead a team, which I believe forces change in leadership.


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