A four strikeout game from Aaron Judge, and an eight strikeout game from Bauer leads the Tribe to win Game 1

The Cleveland Indians won 4-0 in the Game 1 ALDS opener against the Yankees that was very well projected in their favor. Trevor Bauer, which was seen as an odd decision to start in Game 1 as most expected AL Cy Young runner Corey Kluber to be on the mound. Bauer went 6.2 innings with eight strikeouts, giving up two hits. From the bullpen, Andrew Miller and Cody Allen pitched the other 2.1 innings needed to gain the W in Game 1. Allen only gave up one hit.

Shortstop for the Yankees, Starlin Castro had two of the three hits for the Yankees. While the Indians only had two more hits than the Yanks, right-fielder Jay Bruce blasted a two run home run in the fourth inning. The Indians scored in the second, fourth and fifth innings. As a whole, the Indians went 5-27, while Aaron Judge and the Yanks went 3-30. Neither of these team’s offenses played postseason caliber baseball, but the pitchers were well in a postseason mindset.

Rookie Aaron Judge, who showed up in the Wild Card game against the Twins with a home run was totally absent against the Tribe. Judge went 0-4 with four strikeouts. We saw the slumped, post home run derby Aaron Judge. Only the next few games will tell if he had a bad night, or if it the rookie unable to perform in the spotlight.

Aaron Judge was quoted after the game saying they needed to just get out there tomorrow.

“That’s the beauty of baseball. You get to go out there again and do it tomorrow. So if we go out there and win, we can forget about today. It’s just about learning from today, regroup and get them tomorrow.”

One of Judge’s strikeouts came in the eighth with two on and two out. With only a 4-0 lead, Judge could’ve put the Yankees down two or down one. His other three strikeouts came from Bauer, who was a 17-game winner in the regular season.

Image Source: washingtonpost.com
The two times Kluber faced the Yankees in the regular season, he was 2-0 with a 1.59 ERA and had 18 strikeouts in 17 innings. Judge was off for both of those games. Now in the playoffs, I am sure Judge wished he had played. Judge now has to rely on video and no personal experience against Kluber. We will see if he can stay mentally strong and not let last nights game affect him tonight.

Not only did Jay Bruce have three of the four runs scored for the Indians, but he was also the only player with two hits. Bruce, Santana, Urshela and Ramirez were the only players with hits last night. If the team wants to make wins easier, they need to get on base. With 17 runners left on base, this game could’ve been a landslide had the team produced when guys were on.

Image Source: mlb.com

Game 2 is tonight, 5:00pm EST, where CC Sabathia and Corey Kluber will be facing off on the mound. My prediction is that once again, the Indians pitching staff shuts down the Yankees. Kluber, who is the likely candidate to win the AL Cy Young award is starting on the mound. Kluber led the MLB with a 2.25 ERA and went 18-4 with 265 strikeouts. Sabathia is 37-years-old who started his career in Cleveland. He went 14-5 this season with 120 strikeouts and a 3.69 ERA.

Image Source: mlb.com

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