Although a lot of sports experts will blame New England’s struggles on the 40 year old quarterback and his age, that is not in fact the case. The issue with this team is much more than just one man. 

The team is off to a 3-2 start in a season where many people expected them to go undefeated. They just narrowly beat out the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last night. There are so many problems with this team. Once again, the man leading the league in passing yards is not one of them. 

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There has never been a worse Patriots defense in the Tom Brady era. This defense is giving up 419 yards per game. They are third in points allowed per game. It’s been made clear that they have issues stopping the run game this season by Kareem Hunt and now Doug Martin.

They are giving up 320 passing yards per game. No other team is even up to 300 on average. They are on pace to shatter the all time records for yards given up in a season. That record is currently held by the 2011 New Orleans Saints. The team has given up 11 passing touchdowns so far this season. 

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When you look at overall running numbers, that Patriots are 19th in the league giving up just under 100 yards per game on the ground. The key problem is that the defense can’t stop a team as soon as they hit the red zone. 5 rushing touchdowns against the Patriots to make a total of 16 touchdowns made.

The Patriots defense also leads the league in points given up for the season at 148. Tom Brady is playing like he has no talent around him. He really doesn’t. Rob Gronkowski has his own injury problems, Julian Edelman is out for the season. In all of this, the problem still isn’t with Tom Brady and the offense, the issue is completely on the defense. They need to make some moves to turn that front seven around and be able to stop some touchdowns. 

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  1. Pass defense and rushing defense both suck ….. Unfortunately it may be too late to improve on it …. GO BRADY AND SAVE THE PATS!


  2. True but also Player decisions, letting Key people go, Not keeping Gronks backup ( seeing he is typically hurt ALOT ), we have no stud Off lineman, we have no stud Def lineman, we have no stud LB, we have no stud RB, hows Lagarrette look now …


  3. I agree with Frank. So happy we have Brady, but my goodness – protect him, he is invaluable! Stop spending so much money on planes and rings and start paying the player!


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