After 29 pitches, Severino was yanked, and Judge went off against the Twins

Last night, after 29 pitches, the New York Yankees season looked just about over. Luis Severino only threw 29 pitches before being pulled by manager Joe Girardi. Before he was pulled, Severino never drew a swinging strike, which he averages every eight pitches. He allowed two home runs and three earned runs.

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Severino is one of the better pitchers when it comes to control. Last night in that 0.1 IP he looked like he had none. He has a devastating slider, that around 66% of the time, he keeps in the lower part of the zone. 7 of 29 pitches were sliders, 4 of those 7 were in the middle or top part of the strike zone. Eddie Rosario’s blasted a home run on one of those sliders left up.

Joe Girardi played some smart baseball pulling Severino extremely early. There are 162 games riding on this one game, making every decision the manager makes extraordinary. That’s exactly what Joe Girardi was last night. He went to the best bullpen in the MLB. Yankees relievers have combined to post the highest collective strikeout rate. There are five relievers who have struck out more than 30% of batters faced. It almost would’ve been better to start from the bullpen.

Not only was going to the bullpen a genius move for this Wildcard game, but Severino will be more than likely rested up for game two of the ALDS.

The Yankees offense also had to pull it together as they did to come back from an early deficit. Didi Gregorius, Brett Gardener and Aaron Judge all went yard last night combining for six out of the team’s eight runs. Aaron Judge went 2-4 with 2 RBI’s. He also had one walk. Judge performed exceptionally well, which was fairly surprising for many critics who thought the rookie who drop back into that slump that led him to a season 208 strikeouts.

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If the Yankees offense can keep this up, and their starting pitchers can do better than Severino last night, then this is an ALCS team. They go up against the Cleveland Indians tomorrow in game 1. The Boston Red Sox also go up against the Houston Astros tomorrow as well. The NLDS will start on the 6th with the Cubs versus the Nationals and the Los Angeles Dodgers facing the winner of tonight’s Wildcard game; the Colorado Rockies versus the Arizona Diamondbacks.

This may be one of the duller first rounds as there are some clear favorites that should be winning by a landslide. Unfortunately for those teams, this is baseball and it rarely ever goes as planned.


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