Capturing his 84th goal, Kane has done is faster than Ronaldo ever did.

In the world of soccer, the passion from fans runs deep. They are aware of their full roster, who’s injured, who’s not doing well and who is. Soccer fans are some of the most dedicated fans of any sport. There are casual fans in soccer as well, and those are who have a favorite team or two. They also generally keep track of two leagues; Barclay’s Premier League and La Liga Santander. Whether you’re a soccer fan or not, everyone knows one name; Christiano Ronaldo. He is arguably the best soccer play to ever get on the pitch.

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Ronaldo started in the Premier League with Manchester United in 2003. Over the course of six years, he scored 84 goals. In those six years, he had 165 appearances. His 2007/2008 season was his most successful, scoring 31 goals in 34 appearances. Ronaldo has a unique and talented play style that others cannot match. Until now.

Enter Harry Kane. The 24-year-old out of Walthamstow has made a large impact in the Barclay’s Premier League in only 7 years. Harry Kane has scored five goals this week and is on a tear, showing everyone that he is the real deal. Defenses right now should be scared facing Kane.

Most recently, Kane just reached 84 career goals, which is what Ronaldo’s total in the Premier League was. The big kicker though? Kane has reached 84 goals in 42 fewer appearances than Ronaldo. That is an incredible margin of difference. Harry Kane has been on the up and up and is starting to appear unstoppable.

There is a lot of conversation going on now that Kane may be the next Ronaldo. These conversations appear to be well-deserved and they may not be wrong either. So far this season, Kane has 6 goals in 7 appearances. The Spurs are 4-1 this season as well. It is going to be fun to watch Kane continue on this momentum.

Ronaldo is now 32, with Kane being 24 he has plenty of time to catch up to the G.O.A.T. Will he? Will he surpass him and Messi? In the coming years, I see Kane and Neymar being compared to as the best players once Messi and Ronaldo retire. Kane clearly has a young fire that is excelling him above others.


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