The hockey world is still reeling after it was announced that Brian Boyle of the New Jersey Devils has been diagnosed with chronic myeloid lymphoma.

In the wake of this news, teammates of Brian Boyle (both past and present), as well as hockey fans from all over the world, have been quick to offer an abundance love of support to both Brian and his family.

The good news is this – According to CBS Sports, Brian Boyle’s condition “was caught early and is treatable with medication.” Also, per Elliot Friedman of Sportsnet, Brian is said to be feeling “as close to normal as you can feel.”

In addition, ESPN has also reported that Brian Boyle is hoping to be healthy in time for the team’s season opener on October 7, with the Devils center releasing a statement saying that “we have a good plan of attack and I look forward to getting on the ice and playing.”

Despite the optimism that we are receiving, there remains no timetable as of yet regarding Brian Boyle’s potential return to the Devils lineup. The well-being of Brian is obviously the team’s main focus right now, and they will give him all the time that he needs in order to make a full recovery.

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