The Bengals have had head Coach Marvin Lewis calling plays and making decisions since 2003. He is currently the second longest tenured coach in the league only behind the New England Patriots Bill Bellichek. What has Lewis really done to deserve that distinction? 

Lewis has a career record of 118 wins to 105 losses with three ties. The most important stat I can give you about Lewis as a coach is that he has never once won a playoff game in the seven times he has made it to the post season. Yes, he is 0-7 career in the playoffs. 

QB Andy Dalton is a mess as we are now two games into the 2017 NFL season. Not that Dalton has ever really been that good to begin with. In his first game this season he was picked off four times and sacked another five. Lewis is still committed to him even though he has consistently shown he isn’t that great of a player. 

Picture Source: Aaron Doster – USA Today Sports

WR A.J. Green has the potential to be a top three Wide Reciever in the league. Due to having a terrible QB and a play caller like Lewis, he has been somewhat held back far beyond his own control. You can come only make so many good plays without a supporting cast around you. 

This defense is one of the most undisciplined in recent history. Between players getting fined for dirty hits every game and suspended for actions on and off the field, this team is a complete mess. How many personal fouls does a team need to get before the ownership jumps in and tells Lewis he needs to get control?

They lost a playoff game in 2016 to division rivals Pittsburgh because CB Adam Jones and LB Vontaze Burfict couldn’t keep their tempers in check and ended up getting personal fouls for 15 yard penalties that led to Pittsburgh scoring and winning the game on a field goal in the final seconds.

Picture Source: WCPO.Com

Cincinnati’s problem has almost never been a talent issue. The players have the potential, the issue has always been Marvin Lewis. He seems to go under the radar every year when we talk about coaches that are on the hot seat. This isn’t Pittsburgh, the Bengals are a coach for life kind of job. They need to realize who the real problem is. 

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    1. He has barely a .500 record. Fact
      He has no control of his team. Fact
      AJ Green is underutilized. Fact
      He should have benched Andy Dalton by now. Fact

      No bias at all. Just facts actually, but thank you for your input in the game Changers articles, it is greatly appreciated and we hope to hear from you again soon!


    2. Took you asshats this long to figure out that we desperately need a new entire coaching staff. And get rid of eifert dalton and Ross what a waste of money


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