Ruptured tendon sidelines Dembele 4 months

Saturday, FC Barcelona lost a 105 million euro asset. Ousamane Dembele, the player Barca bought after losing one of the top players in the world; Neymar, ruptured a tendon as he tried to back-heel the ball near the corner flag in the first half. Dembele lasted 24 minutes into his La Liga debut. This injury puts him out of action for the next 3-4 months.

Barca must be wondering what they will do to fill these shoes. As Neymar continues to score goals for Paris-Saint German, his “replacement” only played one other game with Barcelona in the Champions League game against Juventis last Tuesday.

walking off
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Now they will seek their replacements replacement as this leaves a large hole in their offensive attacking. Messi Continues to carry the team when he had two goals in the 3-0 win over Juventis. Unfortunately, the man known as one of, if not the greatest player to walk the field cannot carry an entire team, as soccer isn’t a sport like baseball where a pitcher can shut a team down all day.



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