Oh boy has this become one hell of a story. From what started as Cowboys Running Back Ezekiel Elliott being charged with domestic violence, which was later dropped by the Columbus police, has now turned into the NFLPA filing for a restraining order on the NFL over this case.

Just like with Tom Brady, Elliott wasn’t punished for his actions but rather for not cooperating with the investigation by the NFL. In terms of the law, Elliott didn’t do anything. Why is his suspension even a thing? Elliott has absolutely no reason to talk to the NFL about this, so why would he.

It took the NFL 13 months to come up with a six game suspension with absolutely no substantial evidence. The similarities this case has to Tom Brady and deflategate is uncanny. My issue is not with the ruling itself, my issue is how they came to their ruling. 

The let him play his entire rookie season, which he would go on to win Rookie Of The Year. He led the league in rushing yards, and was second in touchdowns. Let’s pretend for a second he didn’t turn into a superstar. There is absolutely no way that this is as big of a story as it is. He probably wouldn’t have gotten suspended as soon as the claims were dropped. 

The NFL has yet to release any information that leads us fans into believing that they made the correct call by giving him a six game suspension, which is the maximum for a first time domestic abuse offense per NFL policy. I have no issues with the NFL reprimanding players who mess up, my issue is that they do it on their own accords with no regard to the fact that every player should be treated the same. 

This became a witch hunt on Elliott for his off the field actions. Elliott is well known for being quite the ass off the field. He once punched a security guard. He also ripped of the shirt of a women at a bar. He’s not a saint. He doesn’t need to be punished for all these actions like this with the NFL using his arrest as a scapegoat.

We should get a ruling on the appeal as of Monday. I don’t see a way Roger Goodell can screw this up anymore, but if I’m being fair, Goodell has shown me time and time again that he is unfit tot be the commissioner of the NFL and screwed up so many times, at this point, anything is possible. Knowing the clown he is, I could see it jumping to a 12 game suspension. In reality, expect it to drop down to 2-4 games. 

Picture Source: Foxnews.com


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  1. Goodell is a corrupt fascist piece of garbage. He is the sole reason I am entering my second season of boycotting the NFL. I refuse to support the league in any way as long as this prick still has a job.


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