As week 4 of the NFL preseason comes to an end, we not only prepare for week 1 of the 2017-18 NFL season, but we also are on the verge of the Fantasy Football season as well. I have been a fantasy football player myself for quite some time, 6 years to be exact,   and I’ll tell you Fantasy football season as well as March Madness are probably my top favorite times of the year. I am here and more than pleased to help guide you through your Draft this season and hopefully lead you all to a championship this year.

I will start this year’s first segment with who I think will have a break out year and I will also mention who I predict will be a bust. First on the block I have Jameis Winston AND Marcus Mariota. Obviously, they are not considered top 5 quarterbacks yet,  but I do feel that these two have the potential to take their game to the next level. I’ll go ahead and start with Winston, who put up a stellar 2016 season throwing for 4,090 pass yards, 28 TDs (22 in 2015) and 18 interceptions. Now I know what you might be thinking, those 18 interceptions don’t look impressive at all, but with the addition of DeSean Jackson to compliment the emerging star Mike Evans, the Bucs have a better chance at winning now more then ever. Also, the 1st round draft pick tight end O.J. Howard looks like one of the more impressive rookies to me after only posting 4 catches for 21 yards this preseason. Save Howard as one of your sleeper picks in the later rounds of your drafts.

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Mariota on the other hand, well the stats speak for themselves.  Coming off a very impressive sophomore season throwing for 3,426 passing yards, 26 TD’s and only 9 interceptions. He also finished with a 95.6 QBR, placing him in the top 10 in that category behind Andrew Luck and Carr. On a team where Rishard Matthews (945 receiving yards) and Delanie Walker (800 receiving yards) lead in receiving yards, and the addition of Eric Decker, the fantasy value of Mariota can only skyrocket from here.

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One bandwagon I am not hopping on this year is the New Orleans Saints running backs. In a system where Drew Brees runs the show, it is best advised to stay away from Adrian Peterson and Mark Ingram. I personally do not feel like “All Day” fits the Saints offensive scheme, they need a back like Shane Vereen who can catch the ball off the screen and get a good chunk of yards. We all saw the decrease in production way before AP’s move to New Orleans and at age 32 I don’t see him putting up remarkable numbers. I lack faith  in Ingram also due to the fact that he will most likely have to share snaps with AP.

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I for one am looking forward to this upcoming season and I am sure most of you are just as eager to dive into the lunacy we all know and love. I myself have been waiting since my Giants lost to the Packers in the wildcard. Check back throughout this season as I post more Fantasy news and advice on draft picks. May the best team win!


Written by Wesley Roman

Just a sports fan who writes about sports since I can't play :)

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