Tonight on Raw, Alexa Bliss gets her Raw Women’s Championship rematch against ‘The Boss’ Sasha Banks. This match is an interesting one because there can be so many different outcomes with so many different results. So here are five potential finishes to The Goddess vs The Boss.

Image source: WWE on Youtube

Alexa Bliss Wins Clean

This seems like a logical option because of the promo for No Mercy next month in Los Angeles. The promo video only features Alexa Bliss and nobody else. This could be a sign that the WWE is planning on putting the title back on Bliss entering the Pay-Per-View.

Alexa Bliss Wins Dirty

Whether it is a foot on the ropes, or by assistance from fellow team rude member, Nia Jax, Alexa Bliss could regain the women’s championship from Sasha using dirty tactics to set up yet another match between the two at No Mercy. Hoping they do not flip flop the title too much.

Sasha Banks Wins Clean

This is an interesting one. If Sasha Banks wins clean against Bliss again, what does that mean for Alexa and Sasha? Alexa would be out of the title picture, with no one seemingly on deck to face Sasha next.

Bayley Costs Sasha the Match

I am not referring to a heel turn from Bayley, this would actually be the opposite. Bayley could come out to help Sasha, but ultimately become a distraction or get in the way of the Raw Women’s Champion costing her the match, the championship, and potentially their friendship.

Nia Jax Costs Alexa Bliss the Match

I would not be surprised if Jax did this. She could tired of being overlooked by her friend Bliss to the point where she does not want her to win the championship again. This could easily set up a match between the two at No Mercy to finally put Jax in the championship picture again.


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