We lost Julian Edelman. That sucks. I pray for a quick recovery. People seem to think that if we don’t have Edelman, then we don’t have a chance. Remind you, we played without Gronk for an entire season. 

This offseason we added Brandin Cooks. In a trade with the New Orleans Saints, we brought in a receiver that Tom Brady can’t physically overthrow. We learned throughout the practices and mini camps that Brandin Cooks is easily the fastest receiver Brady has ever had. 

Last season, Julian Edelman had 98 catches, 1,106 yards and 3 touchdowns. That is a great season by all means. Edelman was absolutely Brady’s go to guy. He led our team in yards by 400 yards over the next player. 

Image Source: nesn.com
But, he only had 3 touchdowns. Chris Hogan, Danny Amendola and Malcolm Mitchell all had 4 touchdowns. James White had 5.

Last season, Brandin Cooks had Drew Brees throwing to him. It’s going to be different with Brady as his QB. Now Brees should be considered an elite QB. But he has definitely lost a step. You also can’t say he’s as good as Brady. His stats and rings just don’t add up. Taking throws from Brees, Brandin Cooks had 78 catches with 1,173 yards and 8 touchdowns. 

Unfortunately, due to the Patriot’s personal rules, Edelman won’t even be on the sidelines this season. Nor will he be in the stadium. Belichick and the Patriots don’t allow a play to stand on the sidelines injured when they can be on the couch resting. 

So all in all, without Edelman, the Patriots should still be one of the most feared teams to play in the NFL. They should dominate the AFC East. The should dominate the AFC. They are defending Super Bowl champions and their team only got better in the offseason. 

It will be a sight to see if the Patriots don’t win or make it to the Super Bowl. Many (but not all) will immediately use Edelman’s injury as a crutch. They will throw the blame on not having one player. 


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