Last night, the money and all the trash talk culminated in a ten round beat down in the ring. Conor Mcgregor and Floyd Mayweather went toe to toe for the “fight of the century”

Through the first three rounds Mcgregor looked strong. He really looked good. He looked like he could actually beat Mayweather. After all the hammerpunchs to the back of Mayweather’s head and a few attempts at a takedown, the fight rolled on.

When the match hit the fourth round you could see Mcgregor getting visibly tired. Mayweather starts to put on his cocky smile and lets the fight continue. All while taking the next three rounds. He was a technical masterpiece doing just enough to keep the round in his favor. If you look back and think about it as your watching, you can see Floyd isn’t at all going at his full pace. He is taking punches and waiting things out. 

Floyd let the match be entertaining. Floyd let us all believe for at least six rounds that Conor could actually win. Floyd is a genius in the ring. When it came to the eighth and ninth and things started to slow down, Floyd started getting more subtle shots in. He was wearing down Conor for what would be the end of the match. 

Half of fame Referee Robert Byrd stopped the match in the tenth round with Conor Mcgregor standing straight up. Ok, if we are being honest, Mcgregor wasn’t standing straight up, he has been leaning on the ropes for the better part of the entire round. Strike after strike, Conor couldn’t even defend himself anymore. His fists weren’t up, and he wasn’t blocking any shots.

I give Mcgregor credit for not actually going down. He took some big shots in the final round. After a minute or so of taking shots, falling back, and using the ropes to actually stand up, it was called. The call was good. The referee called the match at the right time no matter what we all think. Floyd won by a clean Technical Knockout. 

I would love to see a rematch in the octagon but Floyd has no reason to. He’s also just too much of a coward to step into the octagon with Conor. He would get murdered in the steel cage. 

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