In a developing story out of training camp this week, the Jacksonville Jaguars could be looking to trade young stud Wide Reciever Allen Hurns.

Hurns was an undrafted free agent signing for the team in 2014 and has since blossomed into one half of one of the most underrated Wide receiver duos in the league along side Allen Robinson.

In 42 career games, Hurns has 150 career receptions with 2,185 yards and 19 touchdowns. The impressive part of his stats is that he has had Blake Bortles throwing him the ball his entire career. Let’s be real Jacksonville fans, Bortles just isn’t that good.

Hurns has shown that he can have motivation issues at times. From the day he walked onto the field he hasn’t been the player he could have turned into. Don’t get me wrong, he still has time, but he’s running out of it quickly. At 25 years old, he is close to hitting the prime of his career.

I have compiled a list of teams that make the most sense to acquire Allen Hurns at this stage in the season and going forward.


Cleveland is the top suitor to acquire Hurns off Jacksonville’s hands while giving them something they desperately need. Insert QB Brock Oswiler here. If I were Jacksonville, I would be asking for more than just Brock in this deal, the ground work is there though. Cleveland has no true number 1 receiver after letting Terelle Pryor walk in Free Agency. It’s clear that Blake Bortles will never be the answer for the Jaguars as well.


The Bills have stripped down their team over training camp by trading away two of their top three players in WR Sammy Watkins and DB Ronald Darby. There seems to be absolutely no direction so far in this rebuild and no one to build around as they keep looking to trade RB Lesean McCoy. Insert 25 year old Hurns. He’s a young, talented, solid number one option for whoever the next terrible Quarterback the Buffalo Bills end up with is.


New head coach Kyle Shanahan currently has the most open cap space in the league to play with in rebuilding this awful team. They currently sit at $59.1 million. A smart start to that cap space should be getting a receiver who averages 14.6 yards per catch. They are going to tank this season. Go into the offseason with a plan to re-sign Hurns long term and draft or sign a better quarterback and you have the makings of a rebuild.


Carson Plamer and Larry Fitzgerald are a mere year or two away from their window closing and riding off into the sunset forever. Why not go for it all in one of the last seasons they will be able too? Trade for Hurns to line up on the opposite side of Fitzy. That move also frees up J.J. Nelson to work the slot given Palmer more viable options to throw to in route to a super bowl.


Bellichek and Brady clearly done need anymore weapons at their disposal after trading for WR Brandon Cooks earlier this offseason. Bellichek will trade for any player who’s market value is low. If he can get a good player at a bad player price, no matter the circumstances, he will jump on that opportunity real quick. Adding Hurns makes the most dangerous offense in football deadly.

If the Jaguars do decide to trade him, he’s probably going to end up in San Fransisco. Shanahan needs pieces to work with out west and he has almost no talenet on that team at all. I don’t see the Jaguars actually trading him. It seems like they are just seeing what kind of offers they can get for him.

Picture Source: Allen Hurns twitter


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